Actors Training

I always try to better myself and when I want something I go all in. I am currently taking 3 different acting classes and when one class ends I will start looking for another. These are the classes I am currently taking…

Wendy Alane Wright ( Secrets Of A Hollywood Talent Manager)

Wendy’s Course has been a huge eye opener and I love her even more for it. I have learned so much about acting and auditioning and what directors are looking for from her course and watching her Youtube videos. You can check out her channel here. She tells you exactly how it is an wants so much for you to succeed. everything she offers is well worth you time. The information she offers is priceless for everyone, not just actors who are just starting out.

John Casablanca’s Actor and Model training

So far my experience has been good and if you work out the pricing for training it comes out to roughly $70/class which is once a week. it was pretty reasonable compared to some other training’s I have found that offer less so i’m doin it.


Jester’s is an amazing place to learn Improve and the proper quick responses needed from actors. it also helps build confidence up on the main stage. Coming up with quality choices on the spot is invaluable to any successful actor. So far i love going and you will too.

Billy Hufsey Arizona Couching

Billy Hufsey has been an amazing resource for me because he doesnt hold back when it comes to actor technique. He will tell you how it is and whats so great is that he does it in a way that lets you know its coming from a place of love. He never wants to be rude or disrespectful, he just tells you exactly what he sees. This is exactly what i need so it has been an amazing class. I don’t think he has a website but he does have a Facebook group which is what most everyone uses.