Day Jobs

Just like every aspiring actor who doesnt make millions off one project, I have a day job. This page is more of a resume as you will for dates, qualifications, training, school and things I have experience in….

Jerry’s Pool and Spa Supply

The First Job I ever had a worked for my grandparents at their store Jerry’s Pool, Spa and patio Supply. I think all of us kids got to start working there when we turned 8 years old. I would clean the store, I would test pool chemicals and if I was lucky I would go with my grandpa or dad on pool service requests. I was always late and a bit of a spastic child so my dad and grandpa fired me multiple times. But they always hired me back later. I didn’t realize this till later but they were trying to teach me that it was always important to be on time. None of your excuses matter.

Milking Goats

This went off and on through high school and I was offered another job milking goats on the other side of the neighborhood from me. I played sports in high school so this seemed like a good opportunity to exercise muscles I never really used. I was required to ride my bicycle up the steep hill till i got to a point in the loop where the rest of the way I coasted in to where the house was. I would get up a 5 am, ride over and milk the goats and then ride back before school. I was getting paid $7/day to do it. I don’t exactly remember why I stopped but i think it was because I just got tired of getting up that early for pennies. I felt that my sleep in the morning was worth more to me than the money I was making. I was still learning a lot of things so weather I was right or wrong was still up for debate.

Army National Guard

The next job I signed my life away for was the National Guard from 2001 to 2009. I signed up into the Infantry when I was 16, did the split op training which meant that I went to the first half of basic training that first summer and then the second half the next summer. when I started my job title was 11Hotel in which we shot the Tow Missile using the wire guidance system. We also Drove hummers everywhere. My favorite part. Again, looking back I don’t know if I would change this part of my life or not. Its part of who i am and weather that’s a good or bad thing is up to the people that know me on a personal level. I did the 6/2 option where you’re active for 6 years and then youre “on call” i guess… for the next 2. In that time I did one 18 month tour in Iraq from 2003 to 2005. after that I moved to Arizona where I met all the people who would inspire me to get TF out of the military. Before that I had big plans to go special forces, maybe a couple more tours over seas and then maybe start moving over to ranger school or something much more advanced. After I moved to Arizona I met all the laziest pieces of garbage I had ever met. but this story isn’t about them. so I digress.

Nabisco Distributing

After moving to Arizona in 2005 I got a job at Nabisco in their distribution warehouse in west phoenix. I didn’t hate it but in Arizona it gets very hot and at the pace we were required to work, it was taxing even for me and I was in pretty great shape, weighing 205 and being able to bench 325lbs. (the only thing i got to do in iraq was the gym). I wanted more so I quit after getting another job at Maxis Tools.

Maxis Tools

They treated me very well over at Maxis and if I hadn’t got married and moved to Flagstaff I would probably stayed there. I started as just one of their warehouse workers and after everyone eventually left, I ended up running the warehouse. Looking back I really didn’t do as good of a job for them I could have and part of me wishes I could go back and work harder. This is the place where I almost got my finger ripped off and also where my energy drink addiction started. I got married in October 2006 and we moved up to flagstaff where I started working at big 5 sporting goods and my wife kyla started working for the hospital in Human resources.

Big 5 Sporting Goods

I hated this place!!!!…..